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Convenient and tailor made for you.


Many of us find it difficult and expensive to visit a solicitor – and it often takes several appointments which usually have to be during the working week. We can arrange to discuss your needs at a time convenient for you. Our professional service allows us to take down your instructions at no cost and only when you are happy, will you have to pay.

Libertas Wills offers a select range of services, each tailor made to every person that we consult with. If you are interested in any of our services below please call us on 0844 826 9634 or e-mail us and our consultants will be more than happy to talk to you about our services.

Single or Joint Standard Wills - £99 / £149

At Libertas Wills our experts ensure that your standard Will is tailored to your specific circumstances and wishes. We can provide a will for yourself or with your partner, making sure your will is safe and is accessible to loved ones once the inevitable happens.

Storage of your Will - £2.50 per month

We can store all of your Wills and Lasting Power of Attorneys in one of our secure and fireproof centres

Amendments and Updates - Please contact us

At Libertas Wills we also proved an excellent amendments package, where-by we will not only store your will free of charge but if you have simple requests such as you have recently got married or divorced along with many other scenarios, it couldn’t be easier for you to talk to your personal will consultant and update your will.

Lasting Power of Attorneys - £200 per LPA

We also provide advice on tax related issues as well as being able to create Lasting Powers of Attorney so that you can nominate who can handle your affairs if you are unable to function.

Property Trusts - From £100

Our Property Trust Wills allow you to protect the value of your property for future generations. If you own a property, have significant savings, or wish to ensure that vulnerable family members are cared for, a Property Trust Will could give you greater peace of mind.

Living Wills - £30

A Living Will allows the owner to give directions to medical staff about your wishes should you not want to receive life saving treatment or any treatment which would prolong the longevity of your life. This is owned by you but also empowers another person chosen by you to carry out your wishes.

Personal Advice Line - FREE

Once you have your Will in place the service doesn’t stop there. We have a team of dedicated staff who will keep you informed of all changes in the law that may affect you and make the changes to your will with your permission.

Law Updates - FREE

As well as our Personal Advice Service, your advisor will contact you every six months to check to see if anything has changed in your life that may affect the will.

Special Offers

Discounted Bundles and Special Offers are available – Please contact us to discuss this further.