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The need for a Will

Surely everything will go to my unmarried partner even if I don't have a Will?

No this is not the case, in some circumstances it may be possible for the partner to receive funds but without a Will the courts will follow what they call the Laws of Intestacy. This is where the estate will follow the bloodline of the deceased. Please use our chart below as a guide.

My circumstances are always changing – is it worth writing a Will?

Although your circumstances change it is always a good idea to follow this up by changing your Will as well. It only takes a few minutes of your time to speak to one of our consultants who can quickly amend your will so that if the worst happens then your wishes are still followed.


Updating or changing a Will

I have married since I made my Will, do I have to change it?

It is always a good idea to amend your will with any life changing event, in the case of marriage we can place a clause in your will stating that this is with the intention of getting married so you wouldn’t have to amend it but in most cases updating your will with all of the relevant information will save a lot of time in the long run so that there is no confusion for the executor and the courts as to who gets what.

How will my divorce affect my Will?

When you get divorced your previous spouse gets effectively bypassed by the courts and so would effectively receive nothing. Although this does not mean they can’t challenge the court’s decision and can try and claim from your estate. We would urge anyone in this situation to contact us and amend your will so no confusion arises.

I wrote a Will several years ago so surely I don't need to worry about it now?

If it was that long ago I would ask the question as to why haven’t you looked at your will to see if your circumstances have changed? After all you may have moved from your previous address, had more children / grandchildren and your finances may have changed.
Get in touch with our dedicated team of Will Writers for a free consultation and see if there is anything that may benefit you.

Invalid or ineffective Wills

What happens if there isn't a proper signature on the Will?

If there is no proper signature on the Will then it is effectively null and void, until that signature is in place the courts will not follow your direction and will go down the route of the Laws of Intestacy.

What happens if a named Executor of a Will has died?

Hopefully you would have accounted for this scenario with a substitute Executor, but in the event that you haven’t then either a relative, trusted friend or even a solicitor can either apply to the courts with evidence of this or you can approach your will writer to amend your will which is the most time efficient option. If the person who created the Will has passed away then unfortunately the process is not a quick one, which can lead to further costs and the courts can appoint an administrator be appointed.

I can't find my father's Will – is there any way to trace it?

With all Wills that our stored with us, every Executor and spouse shall receive details of where the Wills are kept, in the event that you didn’t use us, then try and get in contact with whomever created the Will in the first place otherwise the Courts will decide on how the estate is distributed which is usually defined by the Laws of Intestacy.